A Dark Souls clone is coming to iPhone and iPad

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It looks like Apple devices will be getting their own version of Dark Souls, in Gothic action RPG Pacscal's Wager.

Initially announced in 2018, Pascal's Wager is a third-person action RPG from TipsWorks. Apple officially announced that the title will launch exclusively on the App Store at the end of 2019 at the iPhone 11 launch event – with a PC and console version expected in 2020.

What's Pascal's Wager about?

No, it's not the philosophical argument. Pascal's Wager is a dark, moody RPG that puts players in the shoes of Terrance, "a courier living in a dystopian world where the sun has sunk to the bottom of the sea". The world Terrance inhabits has been encased by darkness and the only light that can be be found is in the form of a Colossus. 

However, the Colossus has fallen and Terrance believes that it has some connection to his missing wife - and he sets out to find out.

Check out the trailer below:

There are definite FromSoftware vibes from the game, with TipsWorks aiming to push the boundaries of "typical" mobile titles – and it certainly looks like it might.

Plus, Pascal’s Wager is a "free-to-try game", allowing players to purchase chapters individually or as a whole. There will even be DLC and add-ons post-launch. 

Pascal's Wager will release exclusively on Apple App Store at the end of 2019.

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