iPhone 9 and new iPad Pro just appeared in iOS 14's code

iPhone SE
The iPhone SE from 2016 was the last 'affordable' iPhone (Image credit: Future)

The iPhone 9 has long been rumored to be Apple's next affordable phone, and now code spotted within iOS 14 has mentioned an upcoming iPhone that could be the anticipated device.

An early version of iOS 14's code seen by 9to5Mac has mentions of a device that looks to be the iPhone 9, as well as a new iPad Pro and a variety of other products, like a new Apple TV.

We've previously heard the name iPhone 9 leaked, and while it's not clear if the code directly refers to the upcoming phone as that, it does say the upcoming product will support Touch ID as well as an Express Transit feature.

That's a feature that's available on a variety of iPhones and other Apple products that support Apple Pay, allowing you to use them on public transport without a passcode.

Little else is revealed about the upcoming iPhone in the code seen so far, but just hearing this sort of mention within iOS renews our hopes that we'll be seeing a new device from Apple in the near future.

iPads and AirTags

The code shares more in the way of specs for the upcoming iPad Pro. It says this will come with a triple-lens camera for the very first time - something that matches previous leaks we've seen.

It's said to include a wide-angle lens, an ultra-wide lens and a telephoto lens, alongside a time-of-flight 3D sensor. This is likely designed to improve augmented reality features on the device as well as take better photos than previous tablets.

We don't know anything else such as screen sizes or other specs from this leak.

The leak also includes mentions of an upgraded version of Apple TV alongside a further mention of the Apple AirTag product that has been heavily rumored as a competitor to Tile trackers.

It's expected the AirTag will be a device you can attach to your items to help ensure you don't lose them, and if you do lose them you'll be able to track down their exact location using similar software to Find My iPhone.

Apple is heavily rumored to be hosting an event toward the end of March, but it's currently unclear if worries about the coronavirus will push the launch back. We'll be sure to let you know as soon as we hear directly from Apple about an upcoming event.

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