iPhone 12 set for more RAM and 3D sensors, analysts report

iPhone 11 Pro
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The iPhone 12 is still a long way off, but we're already hearing details of what to expect – including predictions on the amount of RAM installed in Apple's 2020 iPhones, and some of the extra sensors on board.

According to analysts Barclays, as reported by MacRumors, the two Pro versions of the iPhone 12 are going to come with 6GB of RAM on board. That's up from the 4GB packed inside the current models.

What's more, based on conversations with supply chain manufacturers, Barclays says rear-facing 3D sensors and 5G technology are likely to be on board as well.

All that considered, it sounds as though the 2020 iPhones are going to be a major step forward – we might even see some kind of innovative screen technology on the iPhone 12, though it's early days yet.

The return of the iPhone SE

The standard iPhone 12 is going to stick with the 4GB of RAM found in the current iPhone 11, we're hearing, though as yet it's not entirely clear whether the 5G tech is going to extend to the cheapest of the 2020 handsets.

The analyst report also had something to say on the future of the long-rumored iPhone SE 2: Apple's compact handset is due to make a comeback next year, with production apparently starting in February.

That points to a launch sometime around March 2020, which fits in with previous rumors swirling around the arrival of the iPhone SE 2. Pricing is expected to come in at $399 / £399 / AU$600 or thereabouts.

We're already heard talk of a screen with a 120Hz refresh rate for the iPhone 12, as well as a smaller notch on the front of the device. Expect plenty more details to leak out between now and next September.

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