iPhone 12 Pro Max teardown reveals battery size, and it's smaller than 11 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Pro Max review
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Apple doesn't tend to reveal the capacities of the batteries inside its iPhones, so we have to wait for detailed teardowns of the devices to reveal just how big these battery packs are – and now we have a capacity for the iPhone 12 Max.

According to a post on Chinese social media picked up by GSMArena, the iPhone 12 Pro Max battery capacity is 3,687mAh. According to Apple, that translates into a maximum of 20 hours of continuous video playback in one go.

That's actually smaller than the 3,969mAh battery that comes packed inside the iPhone 11 Pro Max – though the engineering and efficiency improvements of the device overall should be able to compensate for the drop in capacity.

It looks as though the key circuit board components have switched sides since last year's iPhone 11 Pro Max as well – the battery stays in the L shape but is now facing the other way when you open up the back of the handset.

It's got the power

The internal rearranging of the components may well be down to the introduction of 5G on this year's iPhone range. The super-fast next-gen connectivity is also an extra draw on the battery of the iPhone 12 models.

The battery inside the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro has been confirmed as having a capacity of 2,815mAh (something we gleaned from regulatory filings). Meanwhile the iPhone 12 mini battery comes in at 2,227mAh.

Battery life doesn't just depend on battery capacity though of course – the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a larger screen to power than any of the other iPhone 12 handsets. At 6.7 inches, it's actually the biggest display we've ever seen on an Apple phone.

Even with that giant screen, based on our tests, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has the best battery life out of all the iPhones Apple has launched this year. It should get you through to the end of each day easily, even with a lot of heavy use along the way.

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