iPad Pro 2018 rumors heat up with iOS 12.1 beta name-dropping the launch

There's even more reason to believe the iPad Pro 2018 is launching next month, and that's one just one of the juicy details being revealed by the iOS 12.1 beta.

The new iOS 12.1 developer beta specifically references 'iPad2018fall' as an identifier within its assets, strongly hinting at a forthcoming launch, according to 9to5mac.

Although autumn 2018 in the Northern Hemisphere technically ends on Friday, December 21, Apple has historically held standalone iPad events in October.

All of this backs up rumors that the company is planning a bezel-reduced iPad Pro in two screen sizes, ones that uses Face ID and iPhone XS-like Touch ID-less gestures.

Renders of the iPad Pro 2018 point to true sequels of the iPad Pro 10.5 2017 and iPad Pro 12.9 2017, which are now a year-and-a-half old and due for an upgrade.

Render credit: MySmartPrice

Render credit: MySmartPrice

Other iOS 12.1 news makers

As if evidence of an iPad Pro 2018 launch weren't enough, iOS 12.1 is also shedding light on other functionality coming from future and existing Apple hardware.

iOS 12.1 code hints at landscape support for Face ID, which would make unlocking a shiny new iPad Pro easier no matter which way you hold it, notes iOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith

Don't hold your breath for your existing iPhone X to get Face ID in landscape mode, though. It's thought to require a realignment of the front-facing sensors, something that no iPhone is capable of right now.

Finally, buried in the iOS 12.1 code are icons for a bezel-less iPad and iCloud syncing support for Memoji, both stories scoops coming from 9to5mac

You only need one Memoji on an iPhone, but once the iPad Pro supports Face ID and Memoji avatars, you're going to need a way to transport them between devices.

With the iPhone XR launch set for October 26, it's hard to see Apple not holding an event touting both the success of the iPhone XS and impending XR launch, along with showing us all the new iPad Pro 2018.

Matt Swider