YouTube releases Easter egg in lead-up to Geek Week

Throwback Thursday

Do you wish you had superpowers? Or that you lived in Westeros? Did you go to Comic Con before it was "cool?" If you're nodding your noggin enthusiastically with a "heck yeah," YouTube would like to celebrate your passions in its first-ever Geek Week.

To kick off the event, the video content giant tweeted a mysterious Easter egg message:

"Crack the code to go retro: 53 65 61 72 63 68 20 59 6f 75 54 75 62 65 20 66 6f 72 20 2f 20 67 65 65 6b 77 65 65 6b #GeekWeek"

Can ya crack it? If not, spoilerphobes avert your eyes!

Type "/ geekweek" without the quotations into YouTube's search bar for a throwback to the good 'ol days of Unix.

Officially, Geek Week is Aug. 4 - Aug. 10 in collaboration with "The Nerdist" from the U.S. and "Channel Flip" from the U.K.

Then, tune in for more than 100 channels on tech (yay!), science (yes!), gaming (ftw!), comics (bam!) and whatever other geekery your two hearts desire ("Doctor Who" reference for you silly non-Whovians).

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