Starbucks UK to offer 'Pick of the Week' iTunes download

Starbucks UK to offer 'Pick of the Week' iTunes download
Tedious pop schlock with your coffee, sir?

Starting today, Starbucks is set to offer UK customers a free weekly iTunes song download with their coffees.

The 'Pick of the Week' will be a different choice ditty each week – launching with the maudlin tones of James Morrison and his latest single My Dreams – with iBooks and potentially other downloads like apps and TV shows to come.

Future artists whose songs can be yours for just the price of a double skinny soy mochacino will include Coldplay, Tony Bennett and The Kooks; clearly the aim of the game is not to push the envelope in the musical exploration arena.

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There's also a free iBook to celebrate the launch of the service, so you can read Limitless by Alan Glynn soundtracked by your new James Morrison track on repeat.

The Starbucks/Apple tie up has been running in the US for several years, and sees customers given a free download card when they buy any product in a Starbucks café. You then have 60 days to redeem the download on iTunes.

And with Starbucks now offering free Wi-Fi in stores across the UK, you can download it while you get cracking on with your latest poem or stare moodily out of the window while sipping gingerly from that gingerbread latte.

Brian Waring, vice president of marketing for Starbucks UK, said: "Digital offers are very important to us and making WiFi freely available across our stores is the foundation for many other plans we have moving forward. Content partnerships are key and we also have an extremely exciting digital programme ahead for 2012."

We must have missed the memo about today being Free Downloads Day, because RIM has also announced that BlackBerry users will get free app downloads to compensate for last week's network outages.

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