Nyan Cat and Keyboard Cat form unholy feline alliance

Nyan Cat and Keyboard Cat form unholy feline alliance
RIP Fatso

The people behind Keyboard Cat and Nyan Cat are suing Warner Bros for using the two famous felines in Scribblenauts without permission.

Such is the success of the two nonsensical yet amazing yet also fairly annoying cat-based memes that both have been trademarked, so when Warner Bros and its game-making subsidiary 5th Cell Media used them in the Scribblenauts game, they broke the rules pretty hard.

Aside from the schadenfreude of Warners being sued for trademark infringement, the best thing about the lawsuit is to read the struggling descriptions written in legalese.

Keyboard Cat is pretty standard: "A video of Schmidt's cat, Fatso, wearing a shirt and sitting upright with its paws on the keys of an electric keyboard which Schmidt manipulated to make Fatso appear to be playing a tune."

But Nyan Cat… "Nyan Cat, a character with a cat's face and a body resembling a horizontal breakfast bar with pink frosting sprinkled with light red dots, flies across the screen, leaving a stream of exhaust in the form of a bright rainbow in its wake."

We're often saying how much things resemble non-specific, generically-branded horizontal breakfast bars.

Now. Play 'em off, Keyboard Cat:

Via Ars Technica

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