New Netflix 'family plan' will allow four simultaneous streams

New Netflix 'family plan' will allow four simultaneous streams

Netflix is totally cool with the whole subscription-sharing thing - it's really not an issue - but on a completely unrelated matter it is introducing family streaming plans for a slightly higher fee, which allow for four devices to stream stuff at the same time.

The new plans will launch in the US 'soon' at a cost of $12 a month - not bad when you consider that a regular account which allows two simultaneous streams will set you back $8.

In the UK, Netflix currently costs £6 a month; no word from the company about whether the UK, Australia or the rest of the world will see these beefed-up family plans launching soon too but we're on the case.

Because you watched...

Netflix said it expects "fewer than 1 per cent of members" to opt for the new price plan, however, although it is trying out multiple profiles on a single account anyway with a view to rolling them out globally 'in the coming months'.

With multiple profiles, each family member will be able to see their own weirdly-specific recommendations that Netflix is known for - 'dark films with an all-female cast featuring the death of a dog' and the like.

The streaming service was also celebrated some nifty financial results, claiming that fewer than 8,000 people signed up for a free trial solely to watch Netflix's original show House of Cards then cancelled once they'd watched it.

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