New Netflix 'family plan' will allow four simultaneous streams

New Netflix 'family plan' will allow four simultaneous streams
One on your phone, one on your tablet...

Netflix is totally cool with the whole subscription-sharing thing - it's really not an issue - but on a completely unrelated matter it is introducing family streaming plans for a slightly higher fee, which allow for four devices to stream stuff at the same time.

The new plans will launch in the US 'soon' at a cost of $12 a month - not bad when you consider that a regular account which allows two simultaneous streams will set you back $8.

In the UK, Netflix currently costs £6 a month; no word from the company about whether the UK, Australia or the rest of the world will see these beefed-up family plans launching soon too but we're on the case.

Because you watched...

Netflix said it expects "fewer than 1 per cent of members" to opt for the new price plan, however, although it is trying out multiple profiles on a single account anyway with a view to rolling them out globally 'in the coming months'.

With multiple profiles, each family member will be able to see their own weirdly-specific recommendations that Netflix is known for - 'dark films with an all-female cast featuring the death of a dog' and the like.

The streaming service was also celebrated some nifty financial results, claiming that fewer than 8,000 people signed up for a free trial solely to watch Netflix's original show House of Cards then cancelled once they'd watched it.

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