Netflix finally adds a watchlist feature

Netflix finally adds a watchlist feature

No more writing lists on scraps of paper or in the condensation on the window, Netflix has announced it is rolling out a new My List feature which lets you build a menu of things you want to watch later.

You can save TV programmes and films to your My List, which will sit in a row on the Netflix homepage across whatever devices you use to watch.

As well as bookmarking stuff, the list will let you know if new a new series of a TV show is available.

Game changer

Even more helpfully, it will highlight when a film or TV show is about to disappear from the service (which is down to Netflix's rights agreement for that title expiring).

You'll be able to create a personal My List for each Netflix profile on the account, so no dowdy Salmon Fishing in the Yemen sneaking into your Breaking Bad/Arrested Development/Ferris Bueller hipster triumvirate.

Roll-out of the new My List feature has begun today, with Netflix promising that all members should have it within the next two weeks.