Netflix finally adds a watchlist feature

Netflix finally adds a watchlist feature
There'll be dancing in the streets tonight

No more writing lists on scraps of paper or in the condensation on the window, Netflix has announced it is rolling out a new My List feature which lets you build a menu of things you want to watch later.

You can save TV programmes and films to your My List, which will sit in a row on the Netflix homepage across whatever devices you use to watch.

As well as bookmarking stuff, the list will let you know if new a new series of a TV show is available.

Game changer

Even more helpfully, it will highlight when a film or TV show is about to disappear from the service (which is down to Netflix's rights agreement for that title expiring).

You'll be able to create a personal My List for each Netflix profile on the account, so no dowdy Salmon Fishing in the Yemen sneaking into your Breaking Bad/Arrested Development/Ferris Bueller hipster triumvirate.

Roll-out of the new My List feature has begun today, with Netflix promising that all members should have it within the next two weeks.

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