MySpace: Social networking is the new search

MySpace, the place to go for content on the web?
MySpace, the place to go for content on the web?

The growth of content on the web has meant that users are using social networks rather than search engines to find new and exciting content, according to Anthony Lukom, Managing Director, MySpace UK.

Speaking at the Social Networking World Forum in London, Lukom felt that websites like MySpace are where web users keep up to date with the internet.

"MySpace is a social portal – it is all about discovery than social recommendation," he explained.

"Think about the growth of content that is on the internet: search was the first way to navigate the web, but there is so much content out there now that you want recommendations, and sites like MySpace give you this."

Targeted advertising

MySpace is taking advantage of this and uses keyword advertising to monetise some of its traffic.

When asked about the Phorm controversy and how MySpace was avoiding upsetting its users with targeted advertising, Lukom felt that it was a bit of a balance.

"Innovation is really key in the current economical environment. There are some targeted products that take a keyword from your page and give you targeted ads. We index the keyword, so it is better suited to you and your interests."

"We have asked our users and they would much rather have adverts targeted at them. There's a very delicate balance for this sort of advertising. So far we have hit this balance."

He continued: "We would never sell a pure hyper-targeted campaign. There are differences between passion centres, things that you are really interested in, and someone just following your trail on the web."

Marc Chacksfield

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