Lovefilm gets Lost in ABC TV deal

Lovefilm gets Lost in ABC TV deal
Love film, love TV too

Lovefilm is continuing its streaming offensive with a new deal that will see Disney-owned ABC TV shows come to the service, including Lost, Desperate Housewives and,

Ghost Whisperer


According to Lovefilm, ABC TV shows will hit Lovefilm as full seasons after their first run on UK television – which isn't quite as good as keeping in line with US release schedules, but is a good effort nonetheless.

As well as all six seasons of mind-melding Lost, you'll be able to catch up with Brothers and Sisters (coming later this year), Grey's Anatomy, Ghost Whisperer, Desperate Housewives and Castle.

Don't all ghosts whisper?

The Amazon-owned film and TV streaming site is clearly propping its available TV content up in order to compete with the newly-launched Netflix UK.

In a rather pointed statement, Simon Calver, CEO of Lovefilm, said, "Today's deal with Disney brings [Lovefilm users] access to some of the best American TV content ever produced.

"Lovefilm's unique combination of world class movies and TV shows ensures that Lovefilm is the first and only port of call for those who want subscription entertainment on demand."

As well as ABC content, Lovefilm offers BBC Worldwide and ITV programmes to its subscribers.

Meanwhile, Netflix launched in the UK last week with similar deals with ITV and the BBC in place, as well as content from Channel 4 and CBS.

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