LoveFilm and Studio Canal sign streaming deal

LoveFilm and Studio Canal sign streaming deal
New streaming deal announced

LoveFilm has announced that it has signed an exclusive deal with Studio Canal, which will see its movie and TV content come to LoveFilm's streaming service first.

Studio Canal is hardly a household name in the UK, but its movies will be well known. This is because Studio Canal is a rebranding of Optimum Releasing, the distribution company that's behind recent movies Source Code and Attack The Block.

In September it was announced that Optimum would be now known as Studio Canal, the name of its parent company and the first fruits of this can be seen in the cinema at the moment with Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

LoveFilm already had a deal in place with Optimum, so it's no surprise (but still a boon) to see this extended to take in the company's new branding.

Digital deal

The new deal with LoveFilm will comprise both old and new movies from Studio Canal, with movies like drama The Pianist, Apocalypse Now and Mulholland Drive soon to be available to stream.

Speaking about the link-up, Simon Calver, CEO of LoveFilm, said: "We are open for business and distributors are increasingly choosing to make LoveFilm the number one destination and home to showcase their digital content.

"We have been pioneers of DVD rental since we launched our rental-by-post service and are now leading the way in streaming content directly into the living room."

The announcement comes after a number of significant global deals for streaming companies.

Just this week, Netflix in the US announced it would be getting Dreamworks content to stream before any of its broadcast rivals and Amazon US has also struck up a deal with 20th Century Fox.

Back in July, LoveFilm announced it was stepping up its digital output - hopefully this Studio Canal link-up is just the first of many partnerships to come.

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