Liverpool FC fans use YouTube to stage video protest

YouTube - about to get an Anfield makeover
YouTube - about to get an Anfield makeover

Fans of Liverpool FC are to stage a protest on YouTube this week and have roped in some famous (ish) names for the viral video.

Actors Ricky Tomlinson and Joe McGann will star alongside fans of the club to protest against current owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

Liverpool's premiership campaign has been nothing short of disastrous so far, with the club residing in relegation territory.

It is the worst start for 57 years, with newly instated manager Roy Hodgson seemingly fighting a losing battle at the club.

YoyTube'll never walk alone

Fans are blaming Tom Hicks and George Gillett, the US owners of the club, for the bad form and will show this in the YouTube video, which is set to air on Tuesday 5 October.

Filming for the video began on the weekend (2 October) and while many more star names were mooted to appear, including Mike Myers, Samuel L Jackson and Daniel Craig, it looks like they never actually made it to the filming.

According to the Liverpool Daily Post, Stephen Graham (who was superb in This Is England '86) and Ian McCulloch from Echo And The Bunnymen did join fans, though.

There's no word if the video will be a 'featured' one on YouTube, but it is likely to be popular among fans of the club.

The maker of the video, Goal! screenwriter Mike Jefferies is hoping for 1 million hits on the video-upload site.


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