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iTunes cloud-based service: UK release date spring?

iTunes, not quite up in the air yet
iTunes, not quite up in the air yet

Apple had its annual shareholders meeting this week, where it announced that a new data centre housing both iTunes and MobileMe will be up and running by the spring.

AppleInsider was at the meeting and is speculating that the new data centre will mark the launch of iTunes in the cloud.

The signs are there, as the data centre is a massive five times bigger than the current facility in Newark, California, at 500,000 square feet.

Cloud computing

It is being built to house Apple's corporate systems, but Apple has also confirmed that it will be the home for MobileMe and iTunes.

Apple has announced that there will be a press conference to announce the iPad 2 to the world 2 March.

The invite isn't the most subtle – it comes with a massive '2' and a hint of an iPad image. But it does also say: "Come see what 2011 will be the year of."

Will it be the year of the cloud?

Via AppleInsider