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Huawei: 3D over 4G trials a success

Superfast download speeds on the horizon
Superfast download speeds on the horizon

Huawei announced this week that it has successfully demoed a 3D transmission over LTE (Long Term Evolution) services – one of the 4G standards for the future – marking a significant step for the technology.

The demo took place in Portugal and was in collaboration with TMN, the mobile operator of Portugal Telecom.

The trial was to showcase how a 4G network will enhance the mobile user experience and showcased some 3D content that was piped from a media server connected to the core network and also some nifty online gaming capabilities.

Next-gen technology

Speaking about the demo, Xie Xinping, Managing Director of Huawei Portugal said: "The promise of LTE will touch countless industries and bring advanced technology to everyday consumers.

"We are bringing innovative, next-generation technology to the 3D TV and mobile gaming industries.

"These LTE capabilities will enable operators in the future to develop new business models and to meet the growing demands for mobile broadband services."

The potential of 4G is pretty stunning. At this year's Mobile World Congress Huawei demonstrated downstream data capacity of 600 Mbps for LTE advanced technologies, which would download a 4GB movie in a minute.

It also chose CTIA Wireless 2010 to show off downlink speeds of up to 1.2Gbps.

Our own 20MBps setup is now looking very puny indeed.