Hands on: Spotify for Sonos review

The main crux of the app is its brilliant search mechanism. The search can be done in three ways: artist, album or track.

Once you have chosen which way to search then you just start typing in what you want to listen to and it will appear in super-quick time.

The search does try to second guess what you want, so each time you type a different letter a whole new list of bands/tracks/albums will appear.

This is brilliant as it means you could search Spotify's stupidly large archive – according to Spotify it will take you 34 years to listen to all the tracks back to back and it adds 10,000 new songs a day – without actually knowing what you want to listen to.

Spotify for sonos

When an album is playing it will show you the cover of the album on the controller, alongside information on what track is playing, the artist's name and the album's name.

You can't really dig that much further into things, other than seeing all the tracks on the album you are listening to and all the other albums available from that artist.

The Spotify radio app is also currently missing from the service.

It would also be good if you could search for content by genre as well as the other options, but these are small niggles when it comes to how well Spotify works on a Sonos.

Spotify on sonos

Spotify on Sonos opens up both the service and the machine more than ever before – this is the first time Spotify has been available away from the PC.

The ability to mine Spotify's complete archive for 320Kbps seamless streaming around your home courtesy of Sonos will entice new users like never before.

Yes, it does mean that you will have to pay a £9.99 a month for a Spotify subscription, but those who already own Sonos should definitely consider the purchase.

The Spotify on Sonos service has a UK release date of 'end of September' and will also be available through the iPhone and iPad versions of the Sonos app and on all Sonos devices.