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Online security tips for the web savvy

4. A well-configured router

"Tackling the point of power users switching off their AV when they are gaming or when they get the feeling that it is getting in the way is a tough one," admitted Erasmus.

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"What I personally rely on is a well-configured router which will help keep me safe while my machine is at risk to a certain extent. As many others do, I hardly ever switch my laptop off, however I do have scheduled scans which run at around 4am each day to at least alert me if something has happened, this is also the window of time I allocate for Windows Update.

"It's really a tough problem to fix, and a balance between usability and security, where usability is normally the winner."

5. Don't assume you can stay one step ahead

"People shouldn't assume that they can out-think the cybercriminals," says Neate. "You may know a lot about security at the moment, but you can't constantly be aware of the next scam or exploit.

"I know of a case recently where a woman who was the head of internet security at a major company was compromised online and she came out and admitted it."

"There's also the more obvious advice which people should definitely heed if they are going to avoid getting infected," adds Erasmus.

"Do not click on links sent to you in emails from people you don't know, do not visit dodgy porn websites, as these are often 'downloader' sites set up to specifically infect you, make sure you update your AV software every day and never turn it off (or try not to). If you do, make sure you scan it afterwards."

6. Keep your family safe

"Okay, so you know how to stay safe online and avoid the pitfalls," suggests Neate, "but do your kids, or your wife?

"You hear the horror stories of people doing everything well then getting home to have their wife say 'I clicked on this email link today and something happened…'

"Another thing I would say is that people who are tech savvy should take a look at and see if they think it's a good way of explaining things to people and then pass that on to their family on friends.

"Tech-savvy people often find it difficult to explain simple things to people, but this website should help them out."