BT offers 9 pound a month IT helpline

At what point will they notice this computer is actually a purple cut out?
At what point will they notice this computer is actually a purple cut out?

BT has signed up TV's Kim and Aggie from 'How Clean is Your House? to push their BT Home IT support.

Urging people to 'clean up their home technology' BT is asking for £8.99 a month from its customers to offer a tech support line between 8am and 11pm 365 days a year.

"It is no longer about just keeping the bathroom clean or the bedroom tidy, gadgets and technology are very much at the heart of the modern home, and should be kept in tip top shape," said Kim.

"For those of you who need a helping hand, the BT Home IT Support team can literally 'clean up' all your technical problems, without you lifting a finger."

Which begs the question – without lifting a finger, how on earth do you dial the helpline.


Of course the more cynical might suggest that BT helping you to set up your email (when you are a BT customer) should probably come under the umbrella of 'free' advice, but in its defence they are also offering support for printers, iPods and digital cameras.

"For more complex issues, a home visit from a BT engineer can help with installing broadband or wireless, improving broadband and computer speed with its new BT Accelerator service, or undertake a full computer health check," states the press release.

Still, £8.99 DOES seem like quite a lot of money, especially with a monthly tariff. In fact, for more than £107 a year we'd be tempted to come round and sort out your printer...

Patrick Goss

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