Beats 'in talks' with Apple over music streaming service?

Tim Cook
Is Apple interested in what Beats has to offer?

The music streaming market may be filling out, but that's not deterring other players from wanting a piece of the pie – and Apple may be next in line.

Reuters has it from three sources that Apple CEO Tim Cook met with Beats CEO Jimmy Iovine in late February to discuss Project Daisy, the new streaming service that Beats has waiting in the wings.

Don't get too excited just yet - as far as we know, it was just a casual discussion - Apple already has a vested interest in the music industry thanks to iTunes' dominance.

But talk of an Apple music streaming service has been going around for some time now, and Cook apparently "expressed interest" in what Iovine had to say.

Beats by Dr Cook

Recently, some suspicious-looking files were found inside a jailbroken iPad, which were labelled "transport radio buy button", strongly hinting that something musical was on its way.

Little is know about Project Daisy, except that the primary focus will be on mobile, with iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 all being supported.

Oleg Fomenko, CEO of music streaming service, told us that competition is stiff but a big name could clean up: "There are 72 licensed streaming services in the UK but many of them have almost identical products and pricing.

"The Beats headphones team are clearly great marketers and we welcome any new entrants who offer an alternative to illegal music services - someone as influential as Dre will really help to educate the market."

Apple's not the only one looking at streaming opportunities, either. Google is also said to be preparing a YouTube-streaming service of its own, ready for launch later this year.

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