BBC iPlayer content finally coming to Sky?

BBC iPlayer finally coming to Sky?
BBC plays nice with BSkyB

The BBC Trust has relaxed its rule that BBC programmes can only be shown on-demand through iPlayer.

This means that we could see some or all of the BBC's back catalogue making its way to Sky at last, after the pay-TV company refused to replicate iPlayer entirely on its catch up service, Sky Go.

It may also mean that some BBC content makes its way to third party streaming services like Netflix and LoveFilm.


Although Virgin Media has offered iPlayer on its Tivo box for some time, Sky has long complained that the BBC requires it to take all iPlayer programmes and display them in an iPlayer-style setting, rather than being able to pick and choose the BBC programming that it actually wants to show.

Talks between the BBC and Sky have been going on for some time, apparently culminating in the revisions to the BBC's syndication policy.

But the revised policy reads, "The trust considers that there is generally public value in syndication and that it is in the interests of licence fee payers that they can access BBC on-demand content from as many platforms and devices as possible."

But, it adds, that iPlayer programmes should "usually" be badged and clearly labelled as BBC content, although it concedes that, "Circumstances may occasionally arise, however, that justify special arrangements that depart from this model."

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