Improved Sonos IKEA table lamp speaker finally launches in the UK

The new Symfonisk table lamp speaker using a glass shade next to one using a fabric shade and two Symfonisk picture frames
(Image credit: IKEA / Sonos)

IKEA has just announced that the upgraded version of its Symfonisk table lamp speaker made in collaboration with Sonos is finally available in the UK.

The new and improved Symfonisk speaker was already available in the US and a few other European markets, but now UK residents can enjoy the improved audio quality and aesthetics it promises to deliver by heading to IKEA's store.

This announcement comes just days after IKEA in the Netherlands unveiled another new Symfonisk speaker – an updated version of the Symfonisk bookshelf – which is expected to launch officially later this month in select markets and be available worldwide in April.

As for the new table lamp, users will find that it has been upgraded from the original on all fronts. In a press release for the product, we were told that the WiFi speaker’s new acoustic architecture should mean it can deliver a better audio performance whether it's working alone or as part of a Sonos sound system.

Meanwhile, the mushroom-shaped lamp has been given a makeover. Users can not only choose to nab the table lamp speaker in white or black but can opt for one of two stylish lampshade options – either a fabric shade that matches the speaker base’s material or a glass shade.

On top of that IKEA has said the speaker should now support a wider range of lightbulbs thanks to its new E26/E27 socket.

We were impressed by the original Symfonisk table lamp when it launched back in 2019, giving it four stars in our review. While we haven’t tested this new speaker out for ourselves, it sounds like we could be in for an even better model this time around.

The only letdown from the announcement is that the Symfonisk table lamp speaker has received a slight price increase. 

Rather than setting you back £150 for a shade and speaker like the original, the new speaker base alone costs £159, and to complete the lamp you’ll need to pick up either the new fabric shade costing £20 or a glass shade costing £40.

This brings the table lamp speaker’s price more in line with the £199 Symfonisk picture frame speaker, which offers the best performance of the bunch. Hopefully, that means the new speaker is on a par with the picture frame model, and we'll be able to tell you either way in our upcoming review.

Hamish Hector
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