Humble Monthly bundle annual membership prices slashed - ends soon

humble monthly bundle deals

Humble Monthly is a fantastic subscription service that gets you loads of free PC games to keep every month. And today's the best day to finally get signed up as the annual fee for Humble Monthly has been slashed from $132, to just $99 (or your local currency equivalent). And considering recent months have seen games handed out with total values between $145 and $237 each month, you're more than making your money back within a single month.

To get the ball rolling you can download Just Cause 3 XXL Edition, Project Cars 2 and Wizard of Legend before even more games arrive on January 4.

The monthly games aren't the only perk from the company famed for its discounted Humble Bundle deals. You also get 10% off any store purchases and access to over sixty DRM-free titles that are yours to keep from the Humble Trove.

To get this fantastic deal, head on over to the Humble Bundle store, and scroll down a bit to see the limited time offer where it says '1 Year for $99.' Annoyingly, that banner isn't clickable. Instead, click the 'subscribe for $12/month' button (don't worry, it's reduced at the checkout), then click 'purchase' on the next screen (which will also show you a countdown for the deal). It's on this screen you'll finally see $33 knocked off the Humble Monthly price, bringing it down to a super cheap $99.

The price listed is for US dollars, but you can buy from any territory with a card or PayPal. It works out as roughly £78, €87 or AU$137.

This Humble Monthly offer is set to expire Saturday December 15 at 11:59pm PT. It's limited to one purchase per customer and you must not have more than 20 monthly credits stored already, so you're at least able to stack it a little.

More of a console gamer? Not to worry about we've seen some super cheap PlayStation Plus deals and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions lately too. There's even a tempting price on the Xbox Game Pass too.

Brendan Griffiths

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