Huawei P40 Pro could have even less bezel than the Galaxy S20 Ultra

The Huawei P40 Pro could have much less bezel than the P30 Pro, above (Image credit: Future)

The Huawei P40 range is set to land on March 26, but while the rear of the P40 and the P40 Pro have been extensively leaked, we’ve only caught a few glimpses of their fronts. Now though, clear, high-quality leaked renders have given us a close look at the front of both handsets.

Shared by Evan Blass – a leaker with a solid track record – the image below is said to show the Huawei P40 on the left and the Huawei P40 Pro on the right, and the latter phone hardly has any bezel at all, with the screen curved at the sides.

In fact, based on this image it has an even more all-screen design than the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, which has slightly larger bezels both above and below the screen than the P40 Pro, as shown in this image, does.

The P40 on the left, the P40 Pro on the right

The P40 on the left, the P40 Pro on the right (Image credit: Evan Blass)

Other P40 Pro details include a dual-lens front-facing camera in a lozenge-shaped cut-out, while the standard Huawei P40 is shown as having a screen with slightly larger bezels at the top, bottom and sides, and the same front-facing camera layout.

That’s largely in line with what we’ve seen and heard before, though there’s some disagreement as to which models do and don’t have curved screens.

We’re inclined to believe that these latest images are the real deal though, given that they come from a reputable source, are high-quality, and have appeared very close to the launch of the range.

We’ll know for sure on March 26, when these two phones are expected to be announced alongside the even higher-end Huawei P40 Pro Premium. TechRadar will bring you all the news, and our initial impressions of the phones, on the day, so check back then – and in the meantime stay tuned for any more leaks and rumors.

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