How to watch the Roswell New Mexico season 2 finale online from anywhere

watch roswell new mexico online
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Get ready for an extra-terrestrial showdown! Penultimate episode ‘Crash into Me’ piled the stakes high as our attractive young protagonists tried to avert carnage at Crashcon, Roswell’s biggest yearly event. Want to find out how it all ends? We detail how to watch the Roswell New Mexico season 2 finale online below.

Roswell New Mexico season 2 finale ‘Cheat Sheet’

The climactic final episode of Roswell New Mexico will be broadcast on The CW channel at 9pm ET / PT, Monday June 15. If you’ve cut the cord, then you can view it for free a day later, through the channel’s On Demand website. In some parts of the country, The CW can be enjoyed with a Hulu + Live TV package - where a FREE 7-day trial is currently on offer.

For those sensitive to spoilers, you might want to skip this and head to the watching options below.

But otherwise, let us summarize for a moment. Season 2 has been a wild ride: full of evil schemes, abductions, betrayals, and double-crossings. But what are the chances that Liz Ortecho, the gifted daughter of Mexican immigrants, will live happily ever after with Max Evans, Roswell’s heroic extra-terrestrial deputy?

We last saw Max use his powers to stop Flint Manes from instigating an alien genocide – potentially killing himself for a second time after resurrecting Rosa in season 1 – while Alex and Greggory confronted their xenomorph-hating father Jesse Manes as he unwittingly clutched a bioweapon designed to kill anyone with his DNA.

Eek! Tense doesn’t even begin to cover it. Literally any one of our heroes could meet their maker, which is what makes us so excited for this teeth-gnashing conclusion. You can find out how to watch the Roswell New Mexico season 2 finale online below. And when that’s all over? Season 3 has been greenlit and is scheduled for January 2021!

How to watch Roswel New Mexico from outside your country

If you find yourself out of the country when the latest episode of Roswell New Mexico season 2 drops – quite possible now international flights are resuming and lockdown guidelines have relaxed – don’t let geo-blocks disrupt your TV schedule.

If you’re in a location where this content isn’t available, you can download a VPN to circumvent regional restrictions: allowing you to watch the Roswell New Mexico season 2 finale using OD services you’re registered to back home. This invaluable piece of kit changes your IP address, so you can access each episode of the series live or On Demand, just like you would from the comfort of your own living room.


There are hundreds of VPNs to select from, but we would recommend ExpressVPN. It's quick to connect to, easy to install, and totally secure. It's also compatible with an Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, the Xbox, PlayStation, iOS and Android software, and many others devices.

What makes ExpressVPN particularly enticing is its flexible 30-day money back guarantee. Even better, if you sign up for an annual plan you'll get a 49% discount and 3 months extra FREE - a brilliant deal for an essential bit of software.

How to watch Roswell New Mexico online in the US for FREE


The latest episode is available to watch via The CW, live from 9pm ET / PT on June 15. If you’ve long since shunned these traditional means of entertainment, just wait a day and The CW’s On Demand website will let you stream Episode 13 (entitled “Mr. Jones”) free of charge and without the need to register. It currently has a handful of previous episodes available, too.

If you don't have access to The CW by way of a cable package, it can also be watched live via Hulu in some parts of the US - check your local availability first, then grab a FREE 1-week trial for the Hulu + Live TV package, which is a complete cable replacement.

The final episode will be available to purchase on Amazon Prime Video 24 hours after it airs (so June 16) for $1.99 in SD, or you can buy the entire season for $14.99. If you can wait, however, the entire series will be available to devour via Netflix when season 2 is added on June 23. New customers are entitled to a month long free trial, but when that’s up, it’s $8.99 a month on their entry-level plan.

How to watch Roswell New Mexico online in the UK

For UK fans keen to watch the climactic final episode of Rowell New Mexico season 2, you’re flat out of luck. You might as well bang your head against the nearest flying saucer. There aren’t any services right now streaming this stellar CW channel drama.

However, while things might look bleak – say, for Americans trapped in TV limbo in the UK – you can download a VPN as detailed above to access regionally restricted services. This leaves you free to login, kick back, and see who gets turned into a quivering pile of goo in the final episode.

How to stream Roswell New Mexico in Canada

Unfortunately, no one will be visiting the Crashdown Café live from Canada, as there aren’t any streaming services nationally that host the alien melodrama.

If you’re a die-hard fan – or just curious about a show combing unrequited love with sci-fi shenanigans – then Microsoft Store has individual episodes to purchase for CND$2.49 (SD) and CND$3.49 (HD), or the entire second season for $29.99.

Those specifically after the final episode, however, will have to wait up to 24 hours after its US debut before it’s available on the Microsoft Store.

How to watch Roswell New Mexico season 2 finale in Australia


For Aussies with urgent Roswell related questions – will the Manes men perish? What happened to Maria and why are her eyes oozing blood? – Foxtel Now can provide the answers. Its entry-level ‘Pop + Lifestyle’ plan will let you watch the Roswell New Mexico finale in all its madcap glory. You might want to note, though, that as this is broadcast on Australia’s FOX8 channel two days after its US premiere, you probably won’t be able to view it on Foxtel Now until June 17 either.

Foxtel Now’s Live TV and On Demand platform offers over 60 channels, thousands of films and TV shows, and original content like Picnic at Hanging Rock. Subscription packages range from A$25 to A$104 a month, but before you pay a dollar you can enjoy a 10-day free trial, just by providing your credit card details.

Again, if you’re on business abroad, you can connect to your usual streaming service using ExpressVPN and circumvent any geo-blocking issues. Voila! All those nagging loose ends, conspiracies, and plot holes resolved…kind of…until season 3 next year!

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