How to watch The Bay season 2 online: stream in UK or from anywhere

watch the bay season 2 online
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We've had to wait longer than expected, but Morven Christie is back on our screens as Police Family Liaison Officer DS Lisa Armstrong, who needs to rebuild her career, repair her reputation and prove herself all over again after the events of season 1. There's a fresh murder case that needs solving in Morecambe Bay, but Lisa has a mystery demon of her own to contend with. Here's how to watch The Bay season 2 online from anywhere – including 100% free for anyone in the UK with ITV.

How to watch The Bay season 2 online

When: Every Wednesday from 20 January

Time: 9pm GMT

Live stream: watch for FREE on ITV Hub

Watch anywhere: tune in today with a top-class VPN

Lisa's misdemeanors have presented Taheen Modak's DC Med Kharim with a golden opportunity to progress his own career, so much so that the chance to play second fiddle to him on a shocking new murder case is just too good a chance for Lisa to miss. 

It's a huge and unexpected step up from the menial work she's been having to do, but Lisa's struggling to come to terms with the new power dynamic and it's affecting not only her relationship with colleagues, but also her work, and she can't afford to let this opportunity pass her by.

But work becomes the least of her problems when Lisa and her kids become the target of a stalker with an axe to grind. Get ready to be gripped all over again, as we explain how to watch The Bay season 2 online from anywhere.

watch the bay season 2 free online

How to watch The Bay season 2 online in the UK for FREE

via ITV Hub

The Bay – also known as Broachurch in Morecambe – returns for its second season on ITV, and anyone with Freeview, satellite, or a cable subscription can watch it every week from Wednesday, 20 January at 9pm GMT.

Episodes are also available to watch live via ITV Hub – the network’s completely FREE online service – or on-demand after each episode’s initial broadcast. The platform is full of high-quality drama, including Quiz, Broadchurch, and the David Tennant-starring Des – but you should hold a valid TV license.

It’s an ITV exclusive, so if you’re out of the country, you won’t be able to tune in unless you download a Virtual Private Network, or VPN. We explain how you can do this below.

How to watch The Bay season 2 from outside your country

While fans of gritty crime dramas in the UK can enjoy The Bay season 2 online with ease, regional restrictions mean that tuning in from anywhere else in the world will be near impossible. That means that anyone based in the UK currently travelling abroad – and having paid for an annual TV license – won’t be able to connect to ITV Hub either.

Luckily, downloading a VPN provides a simple solution. This nifty bit of kit changes your IP address, allowing you to connect to your favourite on-demand services and watch all its premium content regardless of where you’re streaming from.

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