Spielberg hopes 3D film prices will 'calm down'

The Adventures of Tintin - coming soon and in 3D
The Adventures of Tintin - coming soon and in 3D

Steven Spielberg has expressed his hope that cinemas will stop charging extra for 3D and that prices 'calm down' to make it fairer for the consumer.

The legendary director, speaking at a Comic Con talk about his forthcoming animated movie The Adventures of Tin Tin, made the sensible assertion that 3D should still be used in impact movies, rather than with a scattergun approach to any old flick, and that soon it would move past being a selling point.

"I'm hoping that 3D gets to the point where people don't notice it, because then it becomes another tool and the ticket prices normalise," said Spielberg.

The adventures of tintin

Calm down, 3dear

"I hope that the prices calm down, which would be more fair to the consumer. Not every movie should be shot in 3D – you don't need it for, say, a little romantic drama," he added.

"The last great 3D movie I saw where it really enhanced the experience for me – and I'm a co-producer so this is going to sound weird – but it was Transformers 3.

"But it needs a trained eye, it's not for everybody, and you shouldn't do it to improve your box office another few per cent. It's not just putting another lens on the camera and forgetting it. It will change your approach to where you put the camera, so it's not for everybody."

3D has become a hot topic in Hollywood, with consumer excitement giving way to annoyance at higher prices and no guarantee of quality.

However, with the likes of Spielberg and Bay massive fans of the technology, it is clear that major figures believe that 3D can add an extra something to a movie (beyond a dimension), and that directors can begin to think of it as a tool for improving their offerings rather than a money-making gimmick.

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