New Sony projector to offer four times the resolution of HDTV

New Sony projector to offer four times the resolution of HDTV

Just a week after Toshiba announced the UK's first TV with a 4K (3840 x 2160) pixel resolution, Sony has taken the wraps of a home cinema projector that offers the same thrills but on a much larger scale.

The VW1000ES, which made its debut at CEDIA, uses a new 4K SXRD (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display) and Sony's Iris3 technology to deliver 12.5m pixel images at sizes up to 200in.

And, while we wait for actual 4K video content to arrive, this next-gen projector is naturally au fait with Full HD and 3D, using an active shutter system and a built-in transmitter for the latter.


Where the VW1000ES will really appeal to well-heeled movie fans is its ability to upscale regular old Blu-rays to 4K – thanks to Sony's proprietary 'Reality Creation' chip. The result of this quadrupling of resolution is, says Sony, a more immersive, engaging visual experience. It should be like stepping up from DVD to Blu-ray all over again.

The Reality Creation tech also works with Full HD 3D Blu-rays.

Sony Europe's product manager Tak Nakane is obviously excited by his brand's futureproof product, saying 'The VPL-VW1000ES delivers on the promise of the future of home entertainment – today.'

The VW1000ES follows the recently announced VW95ES and HW30ES. It is due to reach UK dealers in January with a price still to be announced – although we expect it to be, well, quite a lot.