Sony Z1000 pro headphones announced

Sony Z1000 series - for the pros
Sony Z1000 series - for the pros

Sony has announced a couple of new additions to its professional headphone range, with the Sony MDR-Z1000 series offering "comfort and pristine sound quality".

The new cans have been given some snazzy HD driver units which have been fashioned out of something called Liquid Crystal Polymer, so they are light and strong at the same time.

To save earache, this technology is encased in foam-based noise-cancelling earpads.

This is all rounded off with a near-as-darn it lossless cord.

For those who want studio quality headphones, say hello to the ZX range – which offers minimum sound leakage, so the rest of your fellow commuters don't have to listen to the tinny tones of Tinie Tempah.

Sony z500

The ZX700 version has 50mm driver units, as well as isolation ear pads. There's also ZX500, ZX300 and ZX100 models available, all of which come packing the closed-type headphone design.

And last but not least is a new in-ear variant to plug into your lug holes. The MDR-EX1000 are also made of Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP to its friends) and have a 16mm driver unit.

This is closely followed by the MDR-EX510LP, which are also in-ear 'phones but are of the rigid kind, so don't quite have the curved of the EX1000 to fit round your ears.

Sony Z100, ZX and EX all have a UK release date of March, with pricing to be announced.

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