Panasonic: 'Blu-ray will win, be certain'

Panasonic said its new models feature higher-quality reproduction of fast action scenes

Panasonic has made clear its stance in the high-definition war. "Blu-Ray will succeed to become the predominant high-definition format, be certain," Joachim Reinhart, chief operating officer and president of Panasonic Europe, told journalists at a press conference at IFA 2007 in Berlin this afternoon.

Earlier Reinhart had explained the new ethos within the company - how people are going to "live in high definition", with everything in their home. He's not just talking about consumer electronics, but white goods and other appliances too - all connected up to a wireless network.

The main component of such a home network will be a full high-definition TV, and Panasonic today added five to its Viera range.

The full Viera line-up of full-HD plasma and LCD TVs now includes 65-inch (PZ/PY700 series), 58-inch (PZ/PY700 series), 50-inch (PZ/PY70 series) and 42-inch (PZ/PY70 series) plasma TVs, and a 37-inch (LZD/LZ70 series) LCD TV.

Hook up all your HD devices

Panasonic said these models feature higher-quality reproduction of fast action scenes and render brilliant images with outstanding precision and natural, vivid colours. Various new concepts have been introduced, including the Viera Link function, which hooks up all your HD devices - from camcorders to monitors to your TV - and SDHC networking slots to make viewing movies easier.

The new Panasonic Viera full-HD plasma displays offers a 100,000-hour lifetime, marking a new standard for flat-panel TVs in line with Panasonic new eco thinking. It is also aiming to reduce the materials used to make its products, as well as increase energy efficiency.