Big three's Full HD 3D glasses standard begins

Sony, Panasonic and Samsung's 3D glasses standard begins
3D glasses for all incoming

Back in August three of the world's biggest tech companies, Samsung, Sony and Panasonic, decided to put their differences aside and collaborate to bring the first-ever standardisation of Full HD 3D glasses. And now it seems that this partnership is well underway.

The collaboration is in association with Xpand and it is hoped that that at the end of it glasses will be created that work on many an active shutter 3DTV.

In a statement, Sony said that a licensing programme was under way, with the company revealing there is now something called the Full HD 3D Glasses initiative.

Achieving interoperability

The initiative has its own website where there's a whole load of information regarding just how a manufacturer can become a licensee and news on a new testing facility which is set to be open later in the month.

According to Sony, the "Initiative aims to achieve interoperability among any 3D active shutter products that are developed and manufactured using the Initiative's technology and that bear a distinct logo designated by the Initiative."

In plain English, this means that Full HD 3D glasses that follow the new standard will have a shiny logo on them, as long as they adhere to the groups rules and use its technology.

Although the Initiative sounds like a scary secret society of tech luminaries looking to take over the world, it's great to see some active steps being made to standardise Full HD 3D.

Head over to the imaginatively titled for more information – and don't get too disappointed that the website isn't in 3D.

Via High-Def Digest

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