Here's how the Apple Watch 3 could be way thinner


Think the Apple Watch 2 is too thick for your wrist? The Apple Watch 3 may turn out to be just right for you.

According to a recently unveiled US patent, Apple has considered moving the haptic motor (which creates the vibrations you feel when you get a notification) on the wearable onto the wristband so it can slim down the Apple Watch for its third outing.

The patent was published in June 2016, but filed back in 2013, and states it’ll create a “band attachment mechanism with haptic response”.

Slimmer wrists

The design shows the band will be able to move laterally or side-to-side too, which means it’s possible Apple would let you tap the band for functionality.

It may also be able to pick up on hand shakes or a tap on the band itself for additional functions.

The patent details the sensor will be included in the connectors for the strap rather than the material itself, so you won't lose any functionality when using third-party straps.

There's no guarantee Apple will include this tech in the Watch 3 though, but it would allow the company to slim down the device and make it closer to other wearables on the market.