Sanyo announces all-weather 52in LCD

Some things are meant to be waterproof: jackets, umbrellas, plasters. But LCD monitors? Sanyo thinks that there is a need for it and that's why the company has unveiled a new 52in LCD HD monitor that's waterproof and weather resistant.

Watching in the rain

The CE52SR1 is a sun-readable LCD panel that is also resists the temptation of water. Perfect then for countries with an erratic climate.

The Full HD monitor has a contrast ration of 1500:1, while it also has a screen brightness of 1500 cd/m2.

Although it would look fantastic in your garden, the monitor isn't really pitched at your average consumer, with bus stops, railway stations and sporting events all getting name-checked in the press release.

Speaking about the new display, Mark Holt, the Vice President and General Manager for Sanyo's Presentation Technologies Division, said: "The CE52SR1 expands Sanyo's lineup of industry leading specialty LCD displays.

"Our customers have asked for larger and brighter waterproof displays and the CE52S1 delivers on both counts."

Marine grade material

So: how does Sanyo make sure that all the expensive circuitry in the LCD isn't going to get a good soaking? It has something to do with the LCD's marine grade anodised aluminium frame and the addition of tamper-resistant, anti-reflection glass.

If you fancy one, they will be available in America in October for the sum of $13,995 (£7,000).

Marc Chacksfield

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