Grab a ridiculous 16TB of gaming storage for a ridiculously low Prime Day price

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Perhaps you're like me. Perhaps you prefer to keep your entire Steam and Epic libraries installed locally at all times, because you just don't want to wait to download something when the urge to play strikes. Seagate has the solution: the FireCuda Gaming Hub, an external game-storage solution that packs a frankly absurd 16TB of drive space.

Naturally, that much storage comes at a premium, but Prime Day is here to save the, uh, day with a discount on this titanic storage system. $349.99 for this much drive capacity is a solid deal in itself – a 1TB WD_Black HDD will set you back $100 at full price – but you're also getting an RGB-lit enclosure with USB ports for connecting your peripherals, so this is a steal.

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Seagate FireCuda Gaming Hub: was $429.99, now $349.99 at Amazon

Seagate FireCuda Gaming Hub: was $429.99, now $349.99 at Amazon
An almighty 16 terabytes of drive space make the FireCuda Gaming Hub the ultimate solution to all your storage needs, allowing you to keep all your games easily accessible on this external rig. RGB lighting that syncs to Razer Chroma is a neat added bonus.

Not everybody will need this much storage (though an 8TB version is also available, if that fits your needs better), but for those who do, it's hard to recommend anything else. With game file sizes getting more bloated by the day – Destiny, Call of Duty, and their ilk are all 150GB+ now – anyone committed to playing all the biggest games on PC needs a ton of storage space.

This goes double for streamers and content creators; not only will you need the latest titles and your streaming software downloaded locally, but it pays to have extra drive space for keeping and editing your recorded footage.

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