Google’s new AIY kit opens up the world of AI for complete novices

Google has released two new AIY kits that allow even complete novices to get hands-on with artificial intelligence.

Two of the biggest fields in commercial AI are computer vision, and voice assistants, and the two kits fall into these two categories. 

Both are small self-assembly cardboard boxes with all the components for the user to put together their kit. The components vary based on which kit you’ve got. Vision contains (among other essentials) a Raspberry Pi, SD card and camera, while Voice contains the Pi and SD card, plus a speaker and microphone array. 

AI make therefore I am

Once put together, Vision becomes a rudimentary computer vision device, able to correctly identify objects that are placed in front of it, and Voice becomes a rudimentary smart speaker. 

Targeted at teens who are interested in learning more about the emerging field of STEAM disciplines, the kits look like a brilliant way for anyone who wants to learn more about the AI devices that are becoming an everyday part of our lives work. 

You never know, with the shortage of STEAM skills out there at the moment, this little cardboard box could be the first step on a journey towards a new career. 

At the moment the kits are only available in the US at Target at $90 (about £60, AU$115) for the Vision Kit, and £50 (about £30 , AU$60) for the Voice Kit (which is a fantastic price for a Google Assistant smart speaker). They will be rolling out globally soon; we’ll let you know when and where they become available.

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Andrew London

Andrew London is a writer at Velocity Partners. Prior to Velocity Partners, he was a staff writer at Future plc.