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Google’s crushed some of those pesky Pixel 3 bugs in new December update

It's no secret that Google's Pixel 3 has seen its share of teething problems since launch, including a photo saving issue, disappearing text messages, overheating and a ghastly second notch

Thankfully, the search giant has now addressed at least some of these issues, with its December security update said to fix the Pixel 3's crippling memory management problems and improve camera performance, along with a few other improvements and adjustments. 

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At the very top of the list, "Improved memory performance in certain circumstances" takes precedence, meaning we should hopefully see an end to background apps being closed prematurely. 

Notably, this big fix is said to bring "Improved camera capture performance", which might be a fancy way of saying that your pictures will actually be saved now, though we'll have to wait and see. The Pixel 3's camera will also receive "improved camera shutter performance" and "adjusted autofocus behavior".

Other fixes involving Android Auto, Bluetooth and the Pixel Stand are also listed, though Pixel 3 users will have to wait a little while longer for that pesky text message problem to get patched. You can see Google's full list of functional patches below.