Google Photos gets some snazzy new editing features on iOS

iPhone photography

You can now use Google Photos to adjust the focus and level of background blur – also known as bokeh – in photos taken using Portrait mode in iOS. The feature arrived on a handful of Android devices in October (including the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 3), and is now rolling out to Apple devices too.

The new Google Photos feature uses the depth data captured by your iPhone, but produces different results to Apple's own Photos app. Tapping part of the picture will change the area of focus, and you can use a slider to increase and decrease the blur.

That's not the only new addition for iPhone photographers; Google has also added a Color Pop feature. Tap the main subject in your photo and it will remain in color while everything in the background turns black and white.

Smarter snaps

These aren't the first features Google has brought across from its Android app; in March, it ported Google Lens to iOS, giving iPhone owners access to a quick visual search engine that uses machine learning to interpret the subjects you've captured.

For example, if you take a photo of a celebrity or landmark, Google Lens will identify the subject and give you relevant information and links. The app also enables you to scan QR codes and translate text on signs, while future planned features include the ability to estimate calorie counts for meals, or suggest where you can buy pieces of clothing in photos.

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