Google may have three new Wear OS smartwatches instead of one Pixel Watch

Yesterday we heard the first rumor that Google is hard at work on a Pixel Watch to launch later this year alongside the Google Pixel 3, but a new leak suggests Google may have three new Wear OS watches in the works.

According to WinFuture, there are three Google smartwatches in the pipeline that have code names of Ling, Triton and Sardine. Google often uses sea life or related terminology for its code names, so everything adds up about these potential working names.

The source claims the watches are still in development, but have just reached the second level of design verification, so each device is well along the line toward mass production.

All of this said, the website hasn't confirmed where the details come from and instead just cited it as information known by the website.

What would three models do?

Previously reliable Twitter leaker @Evleaks shared information of a singular Google Pixel Watch that will launch alongside the Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL and a second generation of the Google Pixel Buds headphones.

There wasn't any clear mention there of three separate devices, but some things don't always come through in these leaks and it may be instead Google is planning a range of wearables.

It may also be these three devices are all going to be titled the Google Pixel Watch but will come in subtle variations with different features or designs for each.

For example, the Apple Watch 3 is available in the basic Wi-Fi-ready model or you can spend extra for the LTE toting watch. Both products are still known as the Apple Watch 3 though, so Google may go a similar route with its range of smartwatches.

We likely won't know much for a while as Google isn't expected to announce all this new hardware until later this year, and we're currently expecting an event from the company at some point in October.

James Peckham

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