Google IO 2017: Google Assistant announced for iOS devices


We all expect Google to take the tech world by storm at its annual developer conference. At 2017 Google I/O developer conference, it has an interesting trick up its sleeve that surprisingly benefits iOS users.

Google is bringing Google Assistant to iOS. It will be available in the app store soon, limited to the United States for now. However, it cannot replace the in-built virtual assistant Siri. Nevertheless, any iOS user can leverage Google assistant using dedicated Google app. Siri can be accessed without unlocking your phone but to access Google Assistant one needs to unlock the phone and open the Google app. But It should be a blessing for iOS users as they can get best of both the worlds. 

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While both assistants perform tasks like making calls, sending messages, setting reminders, navigation, language translation, weather reports, etc., seamlessly, they outwit each other in some aspects. For example, the app integration is robust with Siri. Asking Siri to tweet or send a Whatsapp message is a breeze; however, Google Assistant couldn't do it due to iOS restrictions. Also, it cannot set alarms, take selfies or any other similar action that needs communication with another app. Nonetheless, accessing Google apps with Google Assistant is snap. 

On the other hand, Google Assistant is more conversation friendly compared to Siri. The natural language processing algorithm embedded into Google Assistant make it interact like a human. Also, Google Assistant remembers your behavioral patterns and likings better than Siri. The most intriguing about Google Assistant app on iOS is it lets you search for things straight from the camera app.

Overall, it is a win-win situation for iOS users. It also allows them to communicate with Google IoT devices with their iPhones or iPads. 

However, Apple should cautiously monitor the move and make sure its users don't give up Siri entirely in the favor of Google Assistant. At the same time, Google should roll out the features that are currently missing with future updates to further enrich the experience. 

Are you an iPhone or iPad user? If so, are you eager to test Google Assistant on your device? Let us know in the comments section.