Zelda ventures online, Pokémon becomes corrupt, next-gen takes a thrashing

Zelda ventures online, Pokémon becomes corrupt, next-gen dealt an early
The Crew makes a getaway

When you're on the eve of the release of two new major consoles, the last thing you want to hear is that the title which earned your pre-order has been pushed back. But this week brought the disappointment in spades. First, Ubisoft announced that Watch Dogs will be delayed until Spring 2014. Then, Ubisoft said that The Crew will now launch for Xbox One and PS4 during the 2014-2015 fiscal year. That's ages away.

And as if that wasn't enough, Sony went on to announce that the PS4's flagship racing title DriveClub is also to be knocked back to 2014.

As Patrick Goss says, these delays are a real kick in the gut for next-gen consoles. These were system-selling titles for a lot of people, and the launch lineups are looking a little too dependent on big franchise sequels right now. Fingers crossed that Zumba Fitness: Party World doesn't go the same way.


Hey baby, I'm about to blow your virtual world

Oculus Rift untethered

We're big fans of Oculus Rift here at TechRadar, and the release of a consumer version release is so close we can faintly taste it. But while it might be tethered to the PC right now, new CTO John Carmack has further-reaching visions.

He reckons we could have an Oculus Rift headset running on Android and powered by a system-on-a-chip. Of course this means a whole lot less horsepower for Rift to begin with, so our portable headsets would only be able to manage some low-demand titles to start with. But we'll be the coolest person on the tube in the morning, right?

This week, TechRadar's been playing…

PayDay 2

It's Heat meets Left 4 Dead. It's also a game where you feel far more accomplished when you finish a job without firing a single bullet. The heist-em-up's been out a few weeks but a free playable demo was made available for Xbox 360 on Wednesday. Go try it out.


They hopin that they gon catch me ridin dirty

The WWWaker

Legend of Zelda man Eiji Aonuma wants to take link into a bold new era. Well, sort of. The Wind Waker HD toys with online functionality with its letter-swapping Tingle Bottle feature. But Aonuma would like to push things further.

In an interview with CVG he expressed a wish to implement more online feature in future Zelda games. "We want users to feel like they're experiencing the Zelda world with other users while also adventuring by themselves," were his exact words. Aounuma, we've got an even better idea for you, summed up in three words: Four Swords Online.

Bug type

Some Pokemon players have been dealt a blow of their own this week. Pokemon X and Y are out, but a nasty bug has crept into the game and is causing save files to become corrupted.

This only seems to be happening when players save their games in Lumiose City, mind, and Nintendo promises a patch is on its way. This will reportedly also fix game saves that have been botched by the glitch.

And that's a wrap. Here are some other happenings from Future's gaming and film pals this week.


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