Xbox app for Windows 10 brings key console features to PC

Xbox One
Better gaming ahead

Windows 10 isn't just about productivity - Microsoft outlined how the new operating system will enhance PC gaming by expanding the Xbox One experience.

The Xbox app for Windows 10 was detailed at Microsoft's event, and the company said it will come installed on every Windows 10 PC and laptop. The app bolsters connection between gamers, whether on a PC or Xbox, Spencer said.

DVR and Xbox Live are hallmark features of the Windows 10 app. Users can grab the last 30 seconds of game play on their PC and share it on a variety of social networks, a function found readily on consoles.

The most exciting feature unveiled was cross-play; users can tangle in a multiplayer match on their PC while a friend is on an Xbox One. Spencer said the feature opens up the full potential of Xbox Live and social interaction in gaming.

While Spencer outlined the features, he also noted this is only the beginning of the discussion of gaming with Windows 10. More details on Microsoft's vision for Xbox and PC gaming are due at GDC 2015.

Windows 10 on Xbox

Spencer gave a shoutout to the graphic capability of DirectX, saying it not only enhances the visual experience on PC but also helps mobile gaming because of lower power consumption.

Unity is hopping on the DirectX train, Spencer announced.

While Xbox is coming to Windows 10, Spencer said the converse is true and Windows 10 is also headed to Xbox One.

He didn't have anything specific to reveal, but because developers have access to Xbox via Windows 10, apps for the latter will be useable on the gaming console.

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