Windows 8 hammered by Valve, OUYA gets OnLive tie-up

Windows 8 hammered by Valve, OUYA gets OnLive tie-up
OUYA the daddy? asks OnLive

We're going to be using a lot of watery analogies in 7DiG's round-up this week, as OUYA makes more waves.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the PC gaming waters, Gabe Newell tells us that Windows 8 means we're going to need a bigger boat. The Valve head is unhappy that Microsoft is locking people into its own gaming store, the repercussions that has for gaming and, let's be honest, Valve's steam.

Google TV didn't exactly float our boat when we got a glimpse at the UK launch, but the news that you'll be able to get streaming gaming from the impressive Onlive to your telly box is pretty cool.

And while we're talking OnLive, it was confirmed today that the service will be a part of the OUYA Kickstarter console – the Android-based project that hopes to revolutionise gaming. We hope it goes swimmingly.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria is the next expansion to a game which pretty much is the MMO market, and now we're being told that it will arrive on 25 September. Pandatastic [CVG]

Just missing out on last week's 7DiG, Gary Marshall's feature on why free smartphone games can be dangerous for those people with kids is worth checking out.

And things are looking up at Nintendo! Well, sort of; the Japanese giant is still in the red, but it's not all bad news with the 3Ds showing signs of life. And we got a bonus glimpse into the way the factory workers of different sexes are kept apart.


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