UK PS3 sales: 'welcome to the third place'

Sony's PS3 steams into third place in the three-way console race
Sony's PS3 steams into third place in the three-way console race

The PlayStation 3 has topped the 2 million mark in the UK, Sony has jubilantly announced this week, in a somewhat ironic confirmation of one of PlayStation's own marketing straplines – 'welcome to the third place'.

Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss, Ray Maguire, remains confident about PS3 growth, despite the infernal credit crunch.

"I think it's a tough time for everyone," said Maguire.

"Probably more so in the UK, because we're hit by the effects of currencies - euro, pound, yen and dollar - and the weakness of the pound is definitely an issue that affects us more than the rest of SCEE."

Sanguine on PS3 success

Still, MacGuire is sanguine about PlayStation 3's long-term success, noting that, "for any product to gain an installed base it needs two things - a great product, and a good price.

"We've clearly got the best product you can get, so there's a big tick in that box. It's a premium product, so therefore it costs a premium price."

However, are consumers going to continue to show willing to part with this 'premium price' as those nasty household bills continue to rise and the unemployment numbers are beginning to swell?

And does this mean that the rumoured Easter PS3 price cut is not on the cards after all? Or is this all a clever smoke and mirrors PR move on Sony's part?

As ever, this is all so much 'rumour and speculation' – something we are all aware that Sony Computer Entertainment is not keen to comment on.

Adam Hartley