Tomb Raider's legendary Lara Croft takes over T3

Lara Croft takes over T3 for the day!
Lara Croft takes over T3 for the day!

Following the release of the recent, rather-better-than-expected Tomb Raider: Underworld, T3 magazine invited none other than Lara Croft to edit their website for a day.

Lara (AKA model Alison Carroll) certainly caused a bit of a sensation when she walked into the T3 and TechRadar offices earlier today, as you can imagine from her pic which you can see right here.

"It's every red-blooded male's (and no doubt some female's) dream. You turn up to work on the last Friday of the month to find your grumpy boss has been sacked and replaced by the ultimate fantasy babe of the last 20 years," writes T3's very own Lara fanboy, Chris Smith.

"So imagine our feverish delight when we arrived to T3 Towers this morning to see that dream turn into reality and find Tomb Raider hottie Lara Croft sitting in the bosses seat."

Smith was disappointed to find that Lara was harsher on him than the old boss, confirming that "the latest face of new Tomb Raider game Underworld is no soft touch!"

You may remember that Eidos' PR company, Barrington Harvey caused something of a stir recently, when one rather foolish exec let it slip that they were trying to massage the game's metacritic average upwards.

Thankfully though, the game is a stonker. As is Lara's real-life model, which is clear from T3's gallery.

Adam Hartley