Titanfall crashes down, The Last of Us continues, and the world's biggest Pokemon game begins

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Titanfall: worth the hype?

2014 may be remembered as being the best year to be single on Valentine's Day. For February 14 romanced us with both the Titanfall beta and the first bit of DLC for The Last of Us, leaving little time for anything else.

And for those still wreaking havoc on the streets of Los Santos, Rockstar rolled out its GTA 5 Valentine's Day Massacre Special update with new jobs, guns and outfits to play with.

Mechs, zombies and gangsters. Now that's real love.

Half man, half machine, what does it mean?

Titanfall beta is operational - and it's kicking ass and taking names. The game's beta was opened up on February 14 to a limited number of players on Xbox One and PC, and will continue to run until February 18.

How do you become one of the "limited" few? Unfortunately you'll need to get yourself a beta key for that. Respawn opened up registration earlier in the week, but even that didn't necessarily guarantee access.

However, for those of you who missed out, the good news is that you have less than a month to wait for the game's full release on March 11. Here's something to whet your appetite until then...

Gotta spam 'em all

While some gamers will spend the next few days smashing their friends' faces with next-gen mechs, others are taking part in a twisted reinterpretation of Pokemon history.

An anonymous Australian programmer is currently streaming Pokemon Red from an emulator to Twitch, which is being slowly played by thousands of spectators.

The input system works by translating viewer comments into game commands (up, down, A, B, etc), and by some miracle, they're actually making progress.

We sat and watched in awe as the community beat the game's third gym leader less than four days after the stream began.

Less impressive was the amount of time it took the same to successfully open the menu and hit save afterwards. But hey, they got there in the end. Infinite monkeys, infinite typewriters.

The democratic input system lends itself to the RPG genre but we have our doubts that it would be as effective on anything that demands any sort of precision. Go see it for yourself.

The last of us

Left for dead

The first DLC for 2013's phenomenal The Last of Us also arrived this week, further prying open the story of protagonist Ellie. Though short in duration (and perhaps high in price considering), Left Behind is much more than a tacked-on extra.

CVG said: "Naughty Dog's next chapter may feel a little too basic and brief for its price tag, but its story still stirs the emotions."

Meanwhile GamesRadar reckons, "Too many inconsequential downloads have given DLC episodes like Left Behind a bad reputation, but this one fulfils the promise of a meaningful addition to an already complete experience."

So… how long until the PS4 gets The Last of Us: Definitive Edition, eh Naughty Dog?


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