Sony to unveil secret exclusive gaming title in May

Sony to unveil secret exclusive gaming title in May
Sony to get the Sack?

Sony has brushed off the fact it is billions in debt and is all set to announce a new triple-A game for the PS3.

Although the gaming giant is remaining tight-lipped about anything on the subject, even the fact that there is a subject to begin with, the good ol' internet is speculating that there could well be a World Of Warcraft rival incoming, which riffs on the themes of LittleBigPlanet.

Out of all the games that are exclusive to Sony – Uncharted included – LittleBigPlanet is the franchise that is the undoubted star of the company's gaming portfolio.

Although the second game didn't exactly set the charts alight when it was released, critical acclaim for the title has been second to none and it has single handedly brought platform gaming back to consoles.

Sack race

With this in mind, Sony looks at the franchise and sees pounds signs – so rumours that an MMPORG set in the world of Sackboy may not actually be that far-fetched.

We are set to know May 2, as this is the date that's been pencilled in for a (little)big announcement from Sony's gaming arm.

If the game is announced in May, then it is likely we will see some of it in action at this year's E3, which is set to take place in June.

Considering we all want to catch a glimpse of a next-generation console, though, will the promise of an MMPORG be the main thing at Sony's E3 show? We are hoping not but it will be interesting to see what a LittleBigPlanet, er, planet will look like.

Via JeuxVideo (translated) and SlashGear

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