More kids want iPads than consoles this Xmas

More kids want iPads than games consoles this Christmas
More kids want iPads than games consoles this Christmas

A recent Nielsen poll shows that the Apple iPad is this Christmas' most-wanted gift amongst American kids and teens, beating games consoles.

The iPad tops the most-wanted charts in the Nielsen poll, which reveals that 31 per cent of all six to 12 year olds surveyed were also 'interested in buying' an iPad in the next six months, compared with only 12 per cent wanting to buy an Xbox 360.

Leaving aside the questions over how a six-year-old is going to save up for an iPad, in terms of other gaming consoles desired, 18 per cent said they wanted a Wii, while 14 per cent wanted a PSP.

Black Friday approaches

"With Black Friday rapidly approaching, parents may want to get up early Friday morning to find deals, as a recent survey shows their kids are eyeing some wallet-stretching electronics this holiday season," reads the NielsenWire blog.

"Across a multitude of electronic offerings, the Apple iPad leads all devices (31% interest in future purchase) among American kids ages 6-12. Apple's iPod Touch is also popular choice among kids, generating similar levels of interest as computers. Of note, the iPod Touch outpaces the perennial handheld gaming favorites Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation Portable – though look for the Nintendo 3DS to make a splash with young gamers when it releases in Spring 2011.

"Among gaming consoles, kids indicate they will be requesting the Sony PlayStation 3 the most this year; however, the platform will be competing with a variety of equally-popular mobile devices."

Via NielsenWire

Adam Hartley