Limited Edition DualShock 4 lands in the UK

Limited Edition DualShock 4
Lands in the UK

Chances are you never got your hands on a limited edition 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4. Well, not unless you were very quick, very lucky or were one of the crazies who spent upwards of $20,000 buying one on eBay.

You can though still bag yourself a piece of the retro-gaming aesthetic as Sony has released the limited edition DualShock 4 controller onto the our UK shores with a funky GIF showing the original rumbler.


The grey PlayStation 1-themed controller, with the colourful original logo on the home button, is available from either GAME or Amazon for the princely sum of £50.


Fingers crossed it won't be in the same bracket of limited editions as the 20th Anniversary PS4 console was though. That shipped a global total of just 12,300 units, matching up with the December 3 date of the original PlayStation's release...well in the US date format of 12/3 anyways.

And don't for a second think this is just for the PlayStation crew though - the DualShock 4, with its Bluetooth compatibility, is actually a quite outstanding PC controller too.

If you don't get on with the asymmetrical Microsoft Xbox controller layout, the DS4 is the best PC gaming alternative.