Google Play Games leaks out again, brings cloud game saves to the party

The rumoured Google Play Games platform for Android will allow game saves in the cloud and feature big Google+ integration, according to a newly leaked APK.

The latest word comes from AndroidPolice, the site which last month brought word that Google was planning a rival to Apple's Game Center with achievements, turn-based multiplayer gameplay, leaderboards and more.

Now the site has performed a teardown of the new Google Play Services v3.1.36 APK and gleaned new details about the service, expected to be unveiled at the Google I/O keynote on Wednesday.

The site grabbed the above screenshots, which show how Google+ is used to control who can send players notifications, while it'll also be possible to publish scores on the social network.

Google+ front and centre

It also appears that inviting players to match-ups will also be done in part through Google+, which ties in with Google's recent strategy of interlacing the service into most of its new and existing products.

"There's lots of pushing people to Google+, and offering to brag about a score on Google+," wrote the site's Ron Amadeo.

The site was able to discover the presence of synced game saves, allowing players to pick up games at the same point on multiple devices.

There was also a first look at pop-up achievement badges and placing medals, which Play Games is likely to handle in the same way Apple's Game Center does for iOS gamers.

Check out the source link for more screenshots and full details on what's likely to be officially confirmed within the next week at Google I/O

Chris Smith

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