Golden Joystick Store launches with kickass Fallout 4 offer for PC gamers

Golden Joystick Store

Techradar is pleased to announce the launch of the new Golden Joystick Store for PC gamers.

The store is run by Future, the publisher of Techradar as well as gaming brands including PC Gamer, GamesRadar+ and Kotaku UK.

It launches in conjunction with the 33rd annual Golden Joystick Awards - gaming's equivalent of the Oscars, also run by Future - which last week honoured the best video games of the last 12 months at a glitzy event in London.

Save up to 17% on Fallout 4 pre-orders

The Golden Joystick Store went live this morning, and to celebrate this fact, along with the launch of the hotly-anticipated Fallout 4 on PC, the store will be selling the game at industry-leading prices of £33.99 in the UK and $49.99 in the USA (that's a saving of £6/$10 on the current Steam prices).

When you buy a game, you'll be emailed a key which can then be redeemed on the appropriate download platform, whether that's Steam, Origin or Uplay.

golden joystick store

Powered by PC Gamer and GamesRadar+

The Store is closely integrated with reviews and recommendations from both PC Gamer and GamesRadar+, bringing deals on the best PC games with the ultimate aim of beating rivals by delivering a smoother, easier PC game purchase experience.

"Other web-based digital game retailers have very crowded user-interfaces," said Ray Pawulich, product manager of the Store.

"We want to make it easy for users to know which games are worth their money. By highlighting the authoritative opinions of our editorial experts, we're helping connect users with the best games on the market."

The Golden Joystick Store is live to the world now, and can be found at

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